Apple new iPhone 12 rumors: Release date, price, spec, 5G connectivity.Everything we know about so far.

Apple new iPhone 12 series could be unveiled with the biggest upgrades in this year. Here’s everything we know about so far.

The new iPhone 12 is the upcoming phone of apple which is expected to be launch at a special event in September later this year. Following the past trends of iPhone series, the 2020 iPhone will have come with four phones-iPhone 12,iPhone 12 max, iPhone 12 pro, and iPhone 12 pro max. the iPhone 12 could be the cheaper phone of all iPhone  12 series. you may see the biggest changes to apple’s lineup this year; from the new design to 5G connectivity, the sheer number of variant models, and a new powerful A14 bionic processor. You can also see a big camera upgrades and possibly 120 HZ refresh rate for iPhone 12 pro models. So  I am going to share everything  I hear about apple new iPhone 12 rumors: launch date, price, spec, 5G connectivity including iPhone 12 pro models, features, camera setup, and design.

Apple new Iphone 12:key features

  • four models
  • 5.4, 6.1, 6.7 sizes
  • triple-lens camera
  • All OLED display
  • 5G connectivity
  • $649 starting price
  • Release date: probably September 2020

Iphone 12  launch date:

The release date of Apple new iPhone 12 event has revealed in the second week of September, generally on a Tuesday. If we are going to the 2019 pattern, then we’ll see the company announced its series on 10 September. If the company follows the same pattern again in 2020, 8 September 2020 could be a good bet for the launch event.

But there is a major unknown due to the COVID pandemic. Plus multiple rumors point to a delay for the iPhone 12 series. So the exact date is a confusing topic. But we’re almost assured Apple will be revealing It’s new iPhone series before the end of 2020.

How much will they cost?

The iPhone 12 price has revealed clearly. Of course, dozen of leaks have made it clearer than the release date.

For reference, the iPhone 11 started at $649, the iPhone 11 pro started at $999 and iPhone 11 pro max starts at $1099. Prices for the upcoming iPhone range probably won’t be exactly the same.

Reliable source Jon Prosser reports that the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 with two rear cameras will stars at $649 which would be slightly affordable at 450 less than the iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 max with a 6.1-inch screen will start at $749.

Another report says that the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 will start at $749. This would be $50 more than the iPhone 11 and, probably without a power adapter or earbuds in the box.

The iPhone 12 pro which will have come with three rear cameras, a LiDAR sensor, will starts at $999.and last, the iPhone 12 pro max may cost $1099 to start.

Iphone 12 models design

According to many sources, we have known that we can see four different 12 models in the 2020 iPhone series. One will come at 5.4 inches, two at 6.1 inches, and the final one which could be the largest iPhone of all models measuring 6.7-inch display. And the more interesting variant they claim is, all four 2020 iPhones will support 5G.

What will the Apple new iphone models look like?

All four Apple new iPhone 12 models are expected to bring back the flat metal edge design. These four phones are also expected to OLED display, which would make a remarkable change for Apple. On the other hand, The iPhone 11 features an LCD display instead of an OLED panel like the iPhone XR before.

iPhone 12 will feature a 5.4 inch OLED display with 2340 X 1080 pixel resolution. It will also add Y-OCTA technology. The iPhone 123 is expected to feature an A14 processor, 4 GB of RAM,128 GB and 256 GB of storage. This model will feature dual rear cameras like the iPhone 11.

There will see no significant change to the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 max, and iPhone 12 pro max, except some features, screen, and battery size.

iPhone 12 max: This 6.1-inch iPhone will feature the same hardware as the iPhone 12. The biggest difference will be seen on the screen and battery size. It will have a 6.1-inch OLD display panel with a rumored resolution of 2532 X1170.

The pro series is expected to feature 3 rear cameras, 64 MP main sensor, and a LiDAR sensor system.

iPhone 12 Pro: This model will have a 6.1-inch flexible OLED panel with 2532 x 1170 resolution along with Y-OCTA technology. It’s storage option ranging from 128-512 GB. It could be the first iPhone to feature 10-bit color support, according to young. This iPhone may also support a 120 Hz refresh rate.

iPhone 12 pro max: it will feature a bigger 6.7-inch screen with 2778 X 1824 p resolution. And this model also offers up to 120 HZ refresh rate except the same hardware, features as the iPhone 12 pro.

Rear cameras:

will the vast improvement can be seen in the camera? the answer is, yes. Except for the screen size, we would see the biggest change between iPhone 12 models is camera technology. Apple made big changes to the camera system in 2019 with the triple-lenses setup of the iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max.

Apple will be revealing two iPhones with a dual-lens camera system and another two iPhones with a triple-lens camera system. The model of 5.4-inch iPhone 12 will include two cameras on the back, ultra-wide and wide-angle lenses. The iphone12 model which will come 6.1 inches expected to the same camera setup.

In terms of the iPhone 12 pro model, they will feature a triple-lens camera system, just like we’ve seen on the iPhone 11 pro; wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto. These two pro models are also expected to support a new time-of-flight 3D camera sensor.

The main change is likely to be the including of LiDAR scanner, which will be included on the iPhone 12 pro and iPhone pro max, while the standard iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 max are expected to have no LiDAR scanner.

iPhone 12 may not come with Earbuds and a power adapter

One of the most unpopular leaks, according to Apple analyst Ming-chi-Kuo- Apple’s iPhone 12 models may not come with the wired earbuds headphones in the iPhone 12 box. It could be the notable change when Apples new iPhones are debuted. The company has been included earbuds since iPhone 5 announced in 2012. He also believes that the iPhone 12 will arrive without a power adapter as well.

Apple is going to decide to leave out the earbuds and charger to encourage people to purchase the company’s wireless AirPods. And they maybe offer a discount to customers who purchase a new iPhone. Another main reason to cut down the headphones on the iPhone 12 costs.

 5G connectivity

Apple and Qualcomm are now working together for 5G networking into an iPhone as quickly as possible. There are two kinds of 5G network-sub-6GHZ which offer a slower but wider spread. And mm-wave technology which offers faster and limited in range.

We’ve heard huge information claimed by multiple sources that all iPhone 12 models will arrive with 5G networking support. But the 5G modem may vary by the models.

According to the apple analyst Jon processor, The model of 5.4 inches iPhone 12 and 6.1-inch iPhone 12 may not support mm-wave technology.

Another report DigiTimes confirms, only the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 max will support sub-6GHZ 5G and the iPhone 12 Pro models will offer both sub 6 GHz and mm-wave technology.

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