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How to keep your phone cool down? Why android device overheat? is it normal to warm up your phone while charging or playing games? Are you looking for a solution? Here are some tips I am sharing with you guys. Try these to find your right solution quickly.,

It is pretty normal to your phone to get a little bit of warm-up while charging, playing your favorite games, or scrolling through social media, and taking selfies. It has happened to us all. But if our android device is frequently overheating, it can damage your battery, and hurt your chip operating system permanently. So, when your phone becomes warmer than the average temperature, you must keep cool it down as soon as possible. If you are looking to bring your phone back to normal temperature,


Keep your device in a cool place

We all know how bad it would be to throw your phone into the water but did you know that high temperatures and direct sunlight can damage your android device? Well, your phone has a lot of sensitive organs and in a few minutes, the extra temperature and direct sunlight overheat the battery and can damage it. So your phone should never be exposed to sunlight for too long.

Shut it down to cool down your phone

Turning off your device is one of the most effective ways to get the normal temperature back.

Turn on “airplane mode” to cool down your phone

 Cell phones, smartphones, and most other mobile devices are decorated with an airplane mode function. This is designed to disconnect all data ( wifi, BlueTooth cellular, and data connection) from your phone. This can help cool down your phone by turning off all the sensors. Because they consume more battery power and overheat your device.

Turn off stressful apps

Often, phones get hotter due to using some unnecessary stressful apps. An overheating phone may be a sign that you are using too many apps at once. Running multiple apps open causes the hardware to work overtime. Don’t worry, the solution is so simple- close your apps down until your phone gets a normal temperature.

Don’t use third-party chargers or cables

It is the most important thing we should know that different chargers have different wattage. And you must use an official charger from your device manufacturer. Using cheap and third party cables or chargers may overheat your phone. So it needs to be avoided as much as, this will extend the life of your battery.

Remove your  phone from its case

Take of its case will do not help you to cool down the phone directly. But by removing it the air will circulate better and it will come to normal temperature. It is better if the case can be removed while charging

Keep your phone away from other electronics devices

Have you ever noticed how hot it is when you put the phone near your computer or laptop? since every device works a lot of things in the background and uses energy. It is easy to say that your smartphone tends to overheat when you put it next to your device like a computer, laptop, etc. I think an effective way to cool down your phone is to keep away it from other electronic devices.

Don’t use cooling applications

 I know many of you use cooling apps to cool down your phone, and highly recommended all of them that not using some apps those claims to help in cooling your smartphones. Honestly, they don’t do anything like that. on the other hand, they slow down your phone by draining the battery. These applications run all the time in the background. however, it is better to avoid them.

Close all unnecessary sensors

smartphone overheat issue

If you notice you will see that some wireless services such as Bluetooth, wifi, location, or cellular network, consume more battery power and warm your device when they are active. So, You make sure to close all these sensors and keep your phone cool down.

 I forgot to say that please don’t leave your phone under pillow, blanket, or any other warm material. There is a small amount of space under the pillow or any kind of warm material and it is blocked. Due to which the device is not able to ventilate.

One more thing, if your device is too hot, you might be allured to put it in the freezer or any kind of cooler machine. But this is the wrong way to keep your phone cool. Trust me, it will not help you in any way, Besides, it will harm you a lot.

In my case, when it is very hot I close all the irrational apps and turn off the phone. And keep it in a cool place for a while until it returns to normal. I hope these tips will help you solve your problem.

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