Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 rumors: what to expect?

Key points

  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 Rumors will have a larger 7.7-inch screen with 1689 X 2213 pixels resolution.
  • This Smartphone will launch on august 5 and available in September
  • This unique Galaxy Z Fold will include 25 w fast charging

The Samsung is expected to reveal the galaxy fold 2 next month, according to rumors, Samsung will announce the flagship folding phone at its unpacked event on August 5. Now we get to know the name of the flagship foldable –the galaxy z fold 2.

Samsung’s second folding phone was the Galaxy Z Flip, released on 11 February 2020. But its first foldable phone the Galaxy Fold was launched on 6 September 2019. And finally, it’s been said the Galaxy z fold 2 is an updated version of the original phone the galaxy fold. We believe the z fold 2 will have the model number SM-F916

Release date and price

Rumors says the smartphone will launch along with note 20 series on 5 august 2020 at an online event, With availability from September. Speaking of price, it seems that the new galaxy z fold 2 will cost less than the original flagship foldable phone. The original phone sold for almost $2000. The new device will be priced at $800 which will be affordable from the original one

It is expected to be better in design and features than the original Galaxy fold. It will have come with a larger 7.7-inch screen with 1689 X 2213 pixels resolution. And it will offer up to 120 Hz refresh rate. Rumors are also giving different opinions about its color such as blue, silver, gold, pink, and black. The colors are expected to vary from region to region. Depending on the country you live in, the difference in color can be seen.

New features

The new feature that has been added is its screen. The galaxy fold 2 will feature a 7,7-inch internal display, which is .4 inch larger than the galaxy fold’s 7.3-inch internal display. The external display (6.2) will also be slightly larger than the original display (4.6). this new display will offer a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Bad news

The Samsung galaxy fold 2 won’t have an S pen because of technical limitations. Many sources say that they have decided to remove this feature due to various issues. for example, a plastic screen, hinge designing.

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