The name of the new projector that Xiaomi’s ever-expanding crowdfunding platform youpin has launched is Wanbo T2 free projector. Due to its various features this time, the interesting device Wanbo T2 free caught my attention. Also, the new projector is available at a very low price just 85$.

Design and features

At first, I want to talk about its design.

I think one of the main features of the projector is its design. It is a mini compact projector with a nice matte feel to its case. The body of the projector is made of white plastic. It looks very cute and attracts my eyes.

The size of the projector is 150x110x140x mm. it weighs only 900 grams. Because of its lightweight, it is easy to carry in different places such as bedroom, living room, coffee shop, etc. it gives you to experience a big screen audiovisual cinema at any time anywhere. However, the color of the front part with the projector lens is black. Under the lens, there is a large grating for cooling the internal material. The device has two more grills on the right and left sides. But these are the speakers. On the back, there is the power connector, USB type-A, HDMI port, and an AV connector. On the top, there is one power button, and a wheel, Which is probably used to fix the focus. In the end, I can say that there are several ports for connecting different devices such as notebooks and TV boxes.

This device has another important technology. We all know that dust has always been a problem for projectors, especially when it comes to the projection, black spots and optics create various problems such as reducing heat dissipation. Wanbo T2 Free projector adopts a fully enclosed optical technology. The design can completely eliminate the effect of creating dust in the optical path.


HD Resolution

The Wanbo T2 Free Projector has a 150 ANSI light source. Because of its only 150 ANSI brightness, it can only be used in the darkroom. Unfortunately, this is not enough for a high-quality picture in the light.

The device can project on screen sizes starting from 40 – 120 inches from a distance of 1.5-3.0 meters. the projector has 1080 p native resolution, and we can see that the image is supposed to be quite clear.


This projector is equipped with two 3W*2 speakers on the right and left sides. This projector has a turbofan that circulates the heat from the LCD screen. And last, one more thing, the Wanbo T2 projector comes with remote control. As, the projector doesn’t have a control panel, so you can operate it with remote control.

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